Unique floating water support system
Patented connection system
Lightweight and compact
Easy & quick to install
Made in Belgium
DAS Energy PV panel
Ultra lightweight - 3.5kg per mē
Ultra thin - 3mm
High energy yield - lenticular surface
25-year warranty
ClicFloats, combined by DAS Energy PV panels, best of both worlds!
Lightest floating solar sytem on the market
Easy & quick installation
High quality product at competitive pricing
High efficience rate - Higher cooling effect
Aesthetic advantage - less visual pollution
There are already many applications of solar panels on water today, so why choose ClicFloats?
Most solar water farms are equipped with standard solar panels and floating systems. The construction and installation are costly & time-consuming and often only interesting for larger projects.

The ultra thin DAS Energy PV panels with the super light ClicFloats system ensures that the installation goes faster and easier = cost saving.

This allows our customers to install high-quality solar panels at competitive prices.
This means more quality and return for the same investment, so why not choose ClicFloats?